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Muldrow Glacier Surge

The Muldrow Glacier last surged from 1956 to 1957. Just like 65 years ago, Camp Denali staff jumped at the chance to spend their days off hiking out to witness the historic event. Here, Jenna Hamm and Joel Sibley provide a sense of scale for the towering lateral moraine.

The Muldrow Glacier starts high on the northeastern slope of Denali and runs 39 miles to the terminus where its melt water forms the McKinley River.

Camp Denali co-owner Simon Hamm poses with a chunk of ice broken off from the historic surge.

An aerial view of the Muldrow Glacier’s lateral moraine where this year’s surge piled rock and ice into an ever-changing landscape of giant towers and deep crevasses.

The Muldrow Glacier’s leading edge, or “toe” advanced about 3.6 miles during the surge and was moving 100 times faster than it normally does.

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