For Families

Being "unplugged" from TVs, computers and gadgets helps to foster exploration and observation of nature amid our inspiring surroundings. 

Camp Denali, can be an exciting place for families with older children to learn about and experience Denali National Park together. Daily outings and independent activities afford numerous outlets for youthful energy. Our fixed menus incorporate healthy, organic ingredients in ways that nourish and broaden young palates. At Camp Denali, propane lights and wood stoves can pique curiosity about frontier living, and separate guest cabins provide generous space to spread out and be active. 

In our experience, families with children eight years and older tend to gain the most from the opportunities we offer. Parents of younger children should be aware of the following:

  • Our guest cabins accommodate larger parties, and there are ample spaces to gather as a group.
  • The travel days upon your arrival and departure are long, involve waiting and are subject to weather delays. Arrivals often follow an early morning start out of Anchorage or Fairbanks making for a full, 12- to 14-hour day of travel. Try to avoid this if possible and spend the night before your arrival at Denali Park's entrance area.
  • We do not offer day care; younger kids may require more adult supervision than would be necessary at home.
  • Because of their increased stamina, strength, and spans of attention, we find that children eight years and older are generally better equipped to keep up with and engage in our naturalist-led hikes.
  • We have a fixed menu for breakfast & dinner that is tailored to an adult cuisine. You are welcome to request kid-friendly alternatives if that would be a better option for your child.
  • Our guest complement may not include other families. The majority of our guests are adult couples. 
  • During bus trips, meal times, announcements, evening programs, and in quiet spaces, we ask that you attend to your children and be sensitive to the peaceful ambience that many of our guests come for.
  • A few gear items we provide are not available in child sizes, specifically rain jackets and bicycles.
  • Instead of TVs and video games, we have board games and the wild outdoors to explore!

We are happy to talk with you by phone to help you decide if Camp Denali is a good fit for your family.