Travel Logistics

A flexible travel itinerary is the best way to ensure that you enjoy your visit to the fullest.


Alaska is a very large state. Even us locals often underestimate distances between destinations here. Alaska is also mostly wilderness with just a handful of roads, railroads, and commercial airports. Travel can be delayed or impeded by the whims of nature. Bottom line? A bit of advance planning, a sense of adventure, and a flexible itinerary are essential to a successful Alaska vacation.

As you plan your visit to Camp Denali, you will need to book the following:

  • Accommodations at the entrance of Denali National Park
  • Accommodations in either Fairbanks or Anchorage
  • Transportation between Fairbanks or Anchorage and Denali National Park


To optimize your availability for weather-related schedule changes for your flight to Camp Denali, we advise that you travel to the park entrance at least one day prior to your arrival and overnight locally. This not only provides an opportunity to explore the front half of Denali National Park and its gateway communities, but it also breaks up longer days of travel.

There are several ways to travel to and from the park entrance. To navigate these logistics, we have put together a variety of travel itineraries organized by arrivals to and departures from Alaska’s two commercial airline hubs - Anchorage and Fairbanks – and by means of travel – by bus, train or rental car. Chartering flights to the park entrance is also possible; call our office for details.