The Flight In

Flights to and from Camp Denali provide a bird's-eye view of the sub-arctic, alpine landscapes of Denali National Park. 

Experience Denali from Above

We are excited to be partnering with Denali Air, the original flightseeing company in Denali National Park. Family-owned and operated, they have been safely flying adventurous travelers for 45 years. Their veteran pilots have many years and tens of thousands of hours of flight experience. Denali Air’s private airstrip is conveniently located just south of the park entrance, directly across the street from the Camp Denali office.

Instead of seeing the park from a bus window, you'll begin your experience of Denali by viewing glaciers, mountains, and tundra lowlands from the air. Weather-permitting, your flight in will also include a fly-by of Denali and the Alaska Range. Round-trip flights will be secured for you by our reservations team.

Denali Air

Denali Air’s private runway is conveniently located eight miles south of the park entrance and is directly across the street from the Camp Denali office where you will check in prior to your flight.

Passenger flights are conducted using a fleet of Cessna 206 aircraft, selected for their suitability to the runway conditions in Kantishna. As with any small aircraft, these four- and five-passenger planes must closely adhere to weight and balance specifications. Luggage is limited to 25 pounds per passenger, and must be packed in soft-sided luggage. Accurate weights of all members of your party are needed at the time of booking for flight planning purposes. Extra luggage may be repacked and/or stored at our office prior to your flight.

The 55-minute inbound flight includes a scenic fly-by of Denali and the Alaska Range, weather-permitting. A direct, 35-minute flight returns you to the park entrance on the day of your departure.

As a FAA-licensed air carrier, Denali Air can also be chartered for flights throughout the state. Please contact our office for further charter information.

A Word About Weather

All flights and times are subject to weather. Denali Air has final discretion over whether a flight can proceed based upon weather factors in the Alaska Range. Although uncommon, it is possible that flights are rescheduled for the day-prior to beat incoming weather, or delayed or cancelled and rescheduled for the following day due to weather. While inconvenient, please realize that necessary safety determinations are being made by highly experienced professionals acting on your behalf.

To minimize disruption, we strongly urge you to arrive to the park entrance the afternoon prior to your first night's-stay and to have a buffer or contingency plan for your departure-day connections. The bottom line is that air-based itineraries in Denali or elsewhere in Alaska are best approached with flexibility and patience. Should flight schedules be disrupted, our staff will help you with these changes.