Pretty Rocks Landslide

Updated October 15th, 2021

The midpoint of the 92-mile Denali Park Road features a dramatic and scenic section known as Pretty Rocks. In recent years, subsurface permafrost in this location has been thawing at an accelerating rate, causing subsidence of the roadbed. Until recently, National Park Service road crews have been able to keep up with this subsidence using conventional road repair methods. In mid-October, 2021, worsening conditions caused the Park Service to announce that road traffic will not be permitted west of Pretty Rocks in 2022 or 2023, in order to install a permanent bridge. As a result, road access to and from Camp Denali is not viable for the next two seasons.

We are very actively examining what this new development means going forward. Following are some considerations in the immediate wake of this news:

  • We are NOT cancelling our 2022 or 2023 seasons at this time
  • We are actively exploring air travel alternatives for access to Camp Denali
  • Camp Denali is uniquely positioned with solar-energy independence, greenhouse, ample fleet, and other onsite resources to help adapt to the absence of road access
  • Pricing and other terms will be reviewed as part of this new reality.  We will provide updates as that information becomes available.

Additional resources can be found here.