Organizations We Support

Being inspired and inspiring others to protect wilderness, wildlife and ways of life.

Denali is an inspiring place. To live for a time in a six million acre, intact sub-arctic wilderness is a tremendous and humbling privilege. We hope that our guests and staff are motivated by their time in Denali to learn more about contemporary issues in Alaska but to also learn about efforts to protect natural areas, ecosystems and the people who depend on them in their home communities.

Our Philanthropy

We provide direct and in-kind support to local and in-state organizations that focus on land conservation, education, environmental stewardship, advocacy, community development and Indigenous language revitalization. Annually we allocate a minimum of 1% of gross revenue to all or some combination of the following organizations:

Camp Denali's Conservation Legacy

Following in the footsteps of Camp Denali's founders, our owners and/or employees have served on the boards of the asterisked organizations, continuing a nearly 70-year legacy of conservation advocacy and engagement.

Read about founder, Celia Hunter's, conservation legacy from an organization she helped to create, Alaska Conservation Foundation.