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The Newsletter of Camp Denali

Online Version 2023

Special Sightings

5/10: Two teenage grizzly bears, curious but wary, post-holing through soft snow along the far edge of Nugget Pond.

5/18: Wood frogs chorusing by afternoon, ice still covering 25% of the pond.

5/23: A single caribou cow and (very) new calf near the north end of Wonder Lake.

5/26: Ice-out on Nugget Pond; first alpine azaleas, diapensia, and wooly louseworts in the alpine tundra of Cranberry Ridge.

6/2: Woke up to snow! First flights of guests delayed several hours.

6/7: Ice-out on Wonder Lake, a late one, but surpassed by a June 11 ice-out a decade ago.

6/9: American Dipper along Moose Creek, feeding nestlings in cliff nest.

6/14: Yearling grizzly cub found dead (eviscerated) on Wonder Lake campground road, likely attacked by an adult male bear.

7/23: Grizzly bear on beaver lodge and chasing ducks in tundra pond.

7/27: Two wolves scared off a caribou carcass by a large, male grizzly in Highway Pass.

7/28: Gyrfalcon fledglings seen flying around the east end of Thorofare Pass.

7/30: Songbirds on the move in the thickets around Camp. Fall migration is beginning!

8/18: Three caribou swimming across Wonder Lake.

8/20: A collared pika at Camp!

8/29: First moose seen shedding velvet.

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