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The Newsletter of Camp Denali

Online Version 2022

Camp Denali's First Fly-in Season


© Ralph Clevenger

With the advent of fly-in access, our winter office was reimagined as a place to check-in, repack, relax, and await Denali Air flights to Kantishna.

© Ralph Clevenger

Blue skies and a quiet windsock herald a perfect flying day at Denali Air, directly opposite our winter office at the park entrance.

© Ralph Clevenger

Arrival flights feature a fly-by of the Alaska Range, weather-permitting, while direct return flights explore lower elavation wildlife habitat.

© Murray Cohen

An aerial view of the Peters Glacier and the Tluna Icefall, with Denali rising to 20,310’ off the port side wing, and Kantishna away to starboard.

© Ralph Clevenger

Concourse A, Terminal 1 at Kantishna International Airport. Priority boarding queue forms at the yellow willow bush.

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