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The Newsletter of Camp Denali

Online Version 2022

Special Sightings

5/20: First wood frogs of the season croaking in Nugget Pond. Some years they awake two or more weeks earlier. A late spring, this one!

5/26: Subadult grizzly bear at Nugget Pond.

5/28: Female moose with a very young calf in the tundra behind Potlatch.

6/8: Ice-out on Wonder Lake!

6/11: First Arctic Warbler heard. Wood frogs now silent again for the year.

6/13: White-fronted Geese with goslings on one of the tundra kettle ponds.

6/22: American Dipper pair feeding nestlings in their mossy nest along Moose Creek.

6/29: Lone wolf observed on the Thorofare River.

7/4: Ripe blueberries near Wonder Lake.

7/8: Fungus gnat larvae in "snakeworm" formation crossing the staff trail near Potlatch.

7/12: Wolf observed in the tundra ponds, snooping around for beavers.

7/23: Our gardener, Dakotah, reports the first summer frost...wiping out the marigolds and first crop of peas.

7/27: Lone wolf observed along the Eielson Bluffs.

8/5: Young grizzly bear visits the cabins at mid-Camp.

8/19: First of the season, approximately 80 Sandhill Cranes fly over Camp Denali.

9/5: First-ever reported Brambling seen and photographed in willow-thickets near mile 81.

9/10: Guests spend an hour and a half watching a wolf chase ground squirrels in Thorofare Pass; also observe a herd of over one hundred caribou.

9/11: Thousands of Sandhill Cranes pass over Camp Denali with the mountain shining bright on a sunny, autumn day.

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