Health & Safety


We are now in the endemic phase of coexisting with COVID-19. The CDC’s revised guidance, published in March 2024, focuses on the broader category of respiratory illness rather than COVID-19 in particular.

Since our founding, Camp Denali has focused on getting guests outdoors for immersive, small group experiences within Denali National Park. Operating as a fly-in lodge these past few years has required us to reduce our guest count, and though it is coincidental, our more intimate guest experience has been favorable for social distancing indoors and generally reducing the risk of illness coming to and spreading around Camp Denali. Nonetheless, we are aware of our remote location, and we will always strive to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

To help you prepare for your Camp Denali stay, please review the below FAQs regarding our updated health and safety policies.


Do I need to have a vaccination against COVID-19?

It is not required, but we highly recommend that you protect yourself and others by being up to date on all recommended vaccinations before visiting Camp Denali.

Are there any other precautions I should take?

Travel wisely on your way here — mask up, practice social distancing when possible, and observe healthy hand-washing habits.

What if I get sick before coming to Camp Denali?

If you are running a fever, have trouble breathing, are vomiting, and/or have diarrhea, you should NOT come to Camp Denali. If you are feeling unwell, but have less severe symptoms, please thoughtfully consider whether proceeding with your trip is the best decision. Our location is remote and our closest access to a medical facility is a plane ride away.

If our staff observe that you are symptomatic, we may request you to do a rapid COVID-19 test prior to flying. Anyone who is symptomatic and returns a positive test result will not be able to fly to Camp Denali.

If you are able to reschedule your trip for a later date in the same season, we will adjust your reservation at no additional cost, based on space available. 

What happens if I get sick at Camp Denali?

In the event that you become ill, please mask-up and let your host or guide know that you are feeling unwell. We will request that you run a rapid COVID-19 test and together we will figure out the best course of action. If we observe that you are symptomatic, we will ask the same of you — to mask and test.

The appropriate response will depend in part on the severity of your symptoms. If you are running a fever, have trouble breathing, are vomiting, and/or have diarrhea, we will ask that you isolate in your cabin, regardless of your COVID-19 test results. For an illness of this severity, we will utilize our medical training, expertise, and resources to assess whether it is prudent to keep you onsite versus coordinating your departure flight ASAP so you can access a medical facility. If remaining onsite, meals will be brought to your cabin. Please mask-up when staff bring you meals and do not ask them to enter your cabin. We acknowledge that this is not how you intended to spend your time at Camp Denali, but we kindly ask that you remain in or near your cabin at all times.

For lesser symptoms, if the COVID-19 test results are negative, you may choose to participate in guest activities as long as you wear a mask indoors and in vehicles.

We do our best to make thoughtful decisions about how to keep guests comfortable and safe. Our goal will always be to work with you towards a mutually agreeable arrangement. If our assessment of what is necessary doesn’t align with your personal ambitions for the trip, we reserve the right to make that final judgment call in the interest of all of our guests and staff.

What happens if my travel companion or a member of my group tests positive for COVID-19 and needs to isolate at Camp Denali?

If space permits, we will offer the option for a cabinmate to relocate to separate lodging. If you move to a different cabin, you can continue to participate in group activities if you run a rapid COVID-19 test each morning that returns a negative result and mask indoors and in vehicles. We will work with you to find a suitable dining arrangement, including the option to have meals delivered to your cabin. If eating in the dining room, we ask that you do your best to limit the amount of time you are unmasked during meals.

If the sick guest’s cabinmate elects to remain in the same lodging to act as that person’s caregiver, they will also be expected to isolate from others.

Members of the sick guest’s travel group will also be required to wear masks indoors and in vehicles. Because the level of exposure may not be as high as someone sharing lodging, you will still be seated in the dining room, but we will keep your travel group together and have you distanced from the other tables. Please be mindful to limit the amount of time you are unmasked during meals.

If my trip is cut short due to illness, will I be refunded?

Per the terms of our cancellation policy, we do not offer refunds. We will help coordinate a modified flight schedule to respond to illness, if needed. The flight costs will be the responsibility of our guests. Our staff will also help coordinate ground transportation and alternative lodging, if needed, but those costs will fall to you. We highly recommend travel insurance and we will provide documentation for you to submit a claim.

We will not charge you any extra for meal deliveries and or additional cabin(s).