Guided Outings

Join our naturalist guides to explore remote alpine valleys and tundra-covered ridges where you can take time to observe wildlife and learn about the hardiness of the tundra's flora.  Our guides are highly trained and practiced in interpreting biology, botany, sub-arctic ecology, geology, bird life and Alaska history. They are also experienced backcountry travelers and enjoy sharing their favorite places in the park.

Each morning, we will offer a complement of guided outings requiring different levels of physical activity. Your goal may be to seek a summit ridgeline for its commanding view and high alpine wildflowers, or to meander in a lush valley looking for ground-nesting birds and meadow flowers.  Either way, our naturalist guides will assist you in negotiating the trail-less terrain while sharing their knowledge of Denali National Park.  Over the course of your stay, our guided trips take in different areas of the park, allowing you to experience a variety of geologic formations, hiking opportunities, wildlife habitat and scenery. 

You don't have to be capable of scaling Denali to enjoy Camp Denali or North Face Lodge.  All you need is the ability to negotiate uneven ground, an enthusiasm for walking, rain or shine, and a spirit of adventure.


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We had other chances to see Alaska; here we were given the opportunity to learn about this marvelous place.

-The Kennedys

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