Alaska Itineraries

While we are not travel agents, we do live year round in this great state and can make some suggestions about how to put together a variety of rewarding Alaska itineraries.  

Fairbanks > Denali > Anchorage

Fly into Fairbanks & overnight at Pike's Waterfront Lodge on the Chena River; take the Alaska Railroad to Denali the following day to meet the Camp Denali and North Face Lodge buses; stay 3, 4 or 7 nights; upon departure, take the Alaska Railroad southbound for Anchorage; enjoy Anchorage and set out for the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound, or elsewhere.


Anchorage > Denali > Anchorage

Fly to or arrive in Anchorage & overnight at our Parkside Guest House; take the Alaska Railroad to Denali & overnight at Deneki Lakes B&B. The next day meet Camp Denali and North Face Lodge buses; stay 3, 4, or 7 nights nights; upon departure, catch the Alaska Railroad southbound for Anchorage; enjoy Anchorage and set out for Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound, or elsewhere.


Denali and the Kenai Peninsula

Enjoy Denali by staying at Camp Denali or North Face Lodge and pair it with a unique lodge experience in Kenai Fjords National Park. Stay for several days at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, the only wilderness lodge within this national park. Enjoy a marine wildlife tour en route to the lodge—consider it the marine version of the Denali Park Road!



By Land and By Sea in Prince William Sound

Begin in Anchorage and join Discovery Voyages aboard a very small boat trip for 2 to 6 nights while intimately experiencing the natural wonders of Prince William Sound. Follow up your boat trip with several days at Camp Denali or North Face Lodge for an in-depth Denali experience.  Or, reverse and start with Denali, followed by Discovery Voyages.


By Land and By Sea in the Inside Passage

Either before or after experiencing the taiga and tundra of the Interior with a stay at Camp Denali or North Face Lodge, venture to the temperate rainforests of Southeast Alaska aboard a small boat cruise. Alaska Dream CruisesThe Boat Company, and Un-Cruise Adventures offer the opportunity to experience and learn about the rich marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the area, as well as the unique cultural history.

Note: You will need to fly between a city in Southeast Alaska (e.g., Juneau) and either Anchorage or Fairbanks.


Alaska Road Trip

Drive to Denali National Park and leave your car in the free long-term parking area while staying at Camp Denali or North Face Lodge. Upon departing, drive the Denali Highway east toward Paxson, then south to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Stay at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge near the historic copper mine in Kennicott, or at another accommodation in the quirky town of nearby McCarthy, located inside the national park.


For those looking for a wilderness expedition into places where outhouses don’t even exist...

Join a multi-day wilderness river rafting or backpacking trip above the arctic circle in the famed Brooks Range through Arctic Treks. Or design your own custom adventure through the Alaska Interior with Traverse Alaska. Follow up your expedition with some comforts by staying at Camp Denali.