2018 Special Emphasis Series

Throughout the summer, we invite guest speakers to share their expertise in the field and through evening presentations. You may want to time your visit at Camp Denali or North Face Lodge to coincide with one of our Special Emphasis Series sessions. Our regular program of guided hiking occurs simultaneously.

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Scott Weidensaul

Author, Field Researcher and Bird Enthusiast

June 4-7 at Camp Denali

June 8-10 at Camp Denali

Bird Migration and Conservation

Fred Randall

Qajaq Builder

June 11-14 at Camp Denali

June 15-17 at North Face Lodge

The Qajaq: Hunting Craft in Arctic Waters

Shaina Kilcoyne

Energy Efficiency Director, REAP

June 29-July 1 at Camp Denali

Can Alaska be a World Leader in Clean Energy?

Colleen Matt

Educator and Conservationist

July 2-5 at Camp Denali

July 6-8 at North Face Lodge


William Hensley

Former Alaska State Legislature

July 9-12 at Camp Denali

July 13-15 at North Face Lodge

Alaska Native Perspectives and Politics

John Schoen

Wildlife Ecologist

July 23-26 at Camp Denali

July 27-29 at North Face Lodge

Alaska’s Wildlife and Wildlands: Contemporary Issues in Conservation

Philippe Amstislavski

Professor of Public Health, University of Alaska

July 30-August 2 at Camp Denali

August 3-5 at North Face Lodge


David Stevenson

Writer, Climber, Professor

August 6-9 at Camp Denali

August 10-12 at North Face Lodge

Mountaineering in Denali: Literature and Some Lesser-known Peaks

Ingrid Nixon


August 13-16 at Camp Denali

August 17-19 at North Face Lodge

Denali: A Storied Landscape

Kesler Woodward

Artist, Professor of Art Emeritus, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

August 20-23 at Camp Denali

August 24-26 at North Face Lodge

Painting in the North

Ralph A. Clevenger

Professional Nature Photographer

August 27–30 at Camp Denali

August 31–September 2 at Camp Denali

Autumn Nature Photography Workshop*

*Additional fee to participate in the photography workshop is $75 per person per night. 

Neal Brown

Former Director of Alaska Space Grant Program and Poker Flat Research Range

September 3-6 at Camp Denali

September 7-9 at Camp Denali

Curtains of Light: The Aurora Borealis