Ptarmigan Tracks

The Newsletter of Camp Denali,
North Face Lodge & Parkside Guest House

Online Version 2016

Special Sightings

6/5: Arctic Terns lilting above kettle ponds.

6/12: Golden Eagle swooping caribou calves.

6/17: One of dozens of sightings this summer of a sow grizzly bear with two spring cubs eating, napping and playing in Highway Pass.

6/18: Snowshoe hares everywhere!

7/7: Two Horned Grebe hatchlings in Reflection Pond: swimming, being fed and riding on parents’ backs, with tiny, striped heads poking out from under parents’ wings.

7/8: First ripe blueberries usher in one of the best, and hands-down earliest, berry seasons in memory.

8/4: Porcupette taking a break from chewing on cabins to snuffle about the top of Camp Ridge.

8/7: Breakfast delayed while guests and staff stood on the North Face Lodge porch watching and listening to a wolf howling in the morning mist.

8/14: Approximately fifty Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finches in Highway Pass

8/21: Two guests celebrated their birthdays by observing a wolverine stalk a marmot in Thorofare Pass.

8/25: First Sandhill Cranes fly over Camp!

8/28: Northern Hawk Owl perched at eye-level on balsam poplar branch next to road.

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