North Face Lodge

In 1957 I staked out a five-acre homesite claim...on the tundra alongside my old friend and grayling-dinner provider, Moose Creek. The site was just north of Wonder Lake and had a fine view of Denali's crest.

Grant Pearson, Former Park Superintendent

North Face Lodge is a traditional north-country inn, perched on a tundra plateau, with views of Denali and surrounding mountains. North Face Lodge is 1.5 miles from Wonder Lake via foot path or road

Modern guest rooms are joined by a common veranda, leading to the lodge's sitting room, fireplace, dining area, and library. Our fifteen small, well-appointed rooms each have an en-suite bathroom and electricity. On cool, crisp mornings, enjoy a game of chess by a crackling fire in the lodge's living room, or choose a book from our library of natural history and Alaskan literature. A spacious outdoor patio, with spectacular views of the Alaska Range, beckons one outdoors.

Homesteaded by former park superintendent, Grant Pearson, in 1957, the lodge occupies a portion of the original, five-acre homesite. Thirty years later, the Cole family recognized the land's coveted status and acquired the property to protect it from unchecked development. Today, the renovated lodge maintains a purposefully intimate size. 

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