Our Seasonal Staff

Just as important as the participation of the owners in the day-to-day operation of the business, is the tremendous effort of 42 summertime staff and four year-round staff that the lodges require for their smooth functioning.  Our seasonal staff comes from throughout Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawai'i, and abroad.  In the off-season, they may be found on the local pond hockey rink, at the South Pole, and anywhere in between in the pursuit of travel, education, work and fun. Working at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge is not for the faint of heart; it requires a commitment to work hard and be a participatory member of a small, close-knit, self-sufficient community. We find ourselves grateful year after year to work alongside of such a diverse, interesting, and dedicated group of individuals.


Our Year-round Staff

We are fortunate to work with a hardy few who have committed to brave the cold, dark days and nights of winter to work with us year-round.  These four are essential to our business, and the people whom you will most likely speak with when calling our office.  On any given winter morning, you would see them out at -20F, bundled beyond recognition, as they bike, ski or walk their way to our winter office in the protracted darkness.  As business owners, we feel extremely fortunate to be able to attract a few good people to work with us year-round who, like we do, feel privileged to live and work in the heart of the Alaska Range, on the edge of this magnificent wilderness park.


Laurie Schlueb, Program Manager

Laurie fell in love with The Great Land while putting her biology degree to use as a naturalist guide in Southeast Alaska during the summers of 1998-2000.  Wanting to explore Alaska's interior, she moved north to Camp Denali and North Face Lodge to work as a naturalist guide for the summers of 2001-2003.  During those winters, she earned a masters degree in environmental studies. After ten years directing the Wild Rockies Field Institute in Missoula, Montana, Laurie returned to Camp Denali in 2013 as Program Manager (and a naturalist guide!).  She is now part of the year round crew and oversees the naturalist staff, coordinates our Special Emphasis Series, and partners with the National Park Service. Laurie is dedicated to providing guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a premier location in one of North America’s most stunning landscapes.  Laurie, her husband and two sons migrate between summers in Denali and winters in Missoula where they get their basketball fix and take pleasure in life in a university town.

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MJ Aft, Office Manager

After taking a few years to indulge her deep-seated wanderlust, MJ is excited to return to the year-round staff and her home in Denali.  Originally hailing from northern Virginia, MJ received her degree in International Relations from Michigan State University and remains a loyal Spartan. She discovered Denali National Park in the summer of 2003, fell in love immediately, and promptly found her niche in the seasonal lifestyle. She first worked as our Reservations Coordinator from 2006-2011 and now returns after spending four summers as a tour director throughout Alaska. During recent winters, she has traveled the globe to teach English, do yoga, snowboard, and sit on exotic beaches with cows. When she’s not headed somewhere on an airplane, you’ll likely find her playing guitar, crocheting an afghan, watching her TV hero, MacGyver, or skiing around the neighborhood.


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Teresa Floberg, Sales & Marketing Manager

Teresa was born and bred in Minnesota, spending every summer of her life exploring the Boundary Waters of the northwoods and developing a passion for wilderness areas. She landed in Alaska for the first time in 2011 when she guided a six-week backpacking trip in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. That experience motivated her two years later to pack up her car and make a permanent move to the land of the midnight sun (or daytime darkness). She received her degree in Business Administration from UW-Madison with a goal to apply her background to an organization dedicated to environmental stewardship. She found this unique niche as our Sales & Marketing Manager. Teresa finds endless enjoyment in the winter with 14 sled dogs, five puppies and one pitbull to have adventures with, be it mushing in Denali or playing in snow drifts. When temperatures drop below -20°F, she is content with staying inside her cabin with hot chocolate and a knitting project. 

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Megan Martz, Personnel Manager

Having grown up in the flatlands of Northeastern Indiana, Megan found herself in awe of the vast expanses of untouched land that she was surrounded by when she first came to work for Camp Denali and North Face Lodge in May of 2006.  For the next five summers, Megan occupied a number of roles in our organization, while putting to work her degree in Elementary Education through the winter months.  In Fall 2010, Megan and her husband moved to the Pacific Northwest where she continued teaching, learned to sail, and purchased a sailboat.  Shortly after, she and her husband sailed their 33' sailboat from Washington state to Australia, after which they found themselves with an opportunity to return to Camp Denali and North Face Lodge.  Now Megan has the pleasure of interviewing our many qualified applicants each winter to find the right mix of dedication, altruism, deep-seated work ethic, and reverence for the natural world that comprises our community of staff each summer.

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Each May when we swing into high gear, one of the great joys is always the opportunity to welcome back returning seasonal staff, as well as the chance to meet the newcomers in person, and introduce them to this park that we all call home for part or all of the year.


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