A Cache of Recipes

From the kitchens of Camp Denali & North Face Lodge

By Laura Cole, Illustrations by Sara Tabbert
Published by Alaska Northwest Books, Anchorage/Portland, 2002

For centuries, elevated wooden platforms like the one on the cover of A Cache of Recipes have been used to protect dried fish and game meat from bears, wolverines, and other animals.  Borrowing from this native tradition, many an Alaska pioneer constructed a storehouse on stilts, or "cache", even before building a cabin in which to live.

It has been many long years since the cache at Camp Denali stored cans of corned beef to be used in an evening's dinner entr'ee.  Even since 1979, when the first edition of A Cache of Recipes was published, changing palates and improving lines of supply have influenced our cuisine.  The latest collection of culinary favorites from the kitchens of Camp Denali and North Face Lodge combines new creations prepared with today's flair along with a few of our timeless classics.

Author Laura Cole, formerly our food service coordinator and executive chef, currently owns and operates 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern near the park entrance with her husband Land.

Illustrator Sara Tabbert has worked with us as a baker and naturalist-guide and is now a full time artist. www.saratabbert.com

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