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2013 Project Roundup, aka Job Security for our Staff!

 The recap of this year’s achieve­ments reads a lot like a serial novel. Since we prefer to tackle big projects in the shoulder seasons, our general strategy is to launch into a project in the fall, accomplishing any digging before the ground freezes, and stag­ing materials onsite for the following spring. If all goes according to plan, we fly back in early May and pick up where we left off, as the clock steadily ticks down toward opening day.

This year’s serial novel picks up (literally) with the Camp Denali lodge resting on cribbing in the upper parking lot. We’d left it that way at the end of 2012, after jacking it in the air and skidding it 15 feet north. The goal was to give it a new foundation and a new lease on life after 59 years. Thanks to the combined efforts of

the crew, including a “deck-in-a-day”, it was ready when the first guest bus of 2013 pulled into the yard.

Besides moving the lodge, the 2013 crew found time to replace a generator and have a well drilled at North Face Lodge, re­place seat cushion foam in our buses, replace Bergschrund’s outhouse, sew a mountain of curtains, sheathe Sourdough’s exterior walls, install a grease trap at North Face Lodge, and complete a host of other improvements.

So what is the serial cliff-hanger for 2013? Well, based on the success of the lodge move, we decided to carry the momentum by lifting and re-leveling the Riffles building, which had started to list into the melting permafrost in the 30 years since its construction. Off came the porches. Out came the showers and the hot water tank, the flooring and the wallpaper. The clock is once again ticking down to opening day, and our amazing crew has once again assured their own job security!

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The Newsletter of
Camp Denali,
North Face Lodge,
& Parkside Guest House

November 2013

Edited by Jan Tomsen

Illustrations by William D. Berry 

P.O. Box 67
Denali National Park, AK 99755
(907) 683-2290

The enthusiasm of our staff is what makes our guest experience so memorable! 

General staff positions are available for the 2014 season, as well as the following professional seasonal positions: Dinner Cooks, Skilled Maintenance Workers, and Naturalist Guides.

Registered Nurses are encouraged to apply for any of our positions.

If you know of someone who would be a good fit for our organization, encourage him or her to view the employment pages of our website.

If What They Say Is True...

that life

begins at forty

I was premature

My second life -

not second childhood -

no- a whole, real life

began at thirty-eight

when I came here -

here to Alaska -

alien milieu

of wilderness,

strange life-styles,

different ways.

Turned forty-five,

I formalized my adaptation

in a rite-of-passage -

acquisition of

some twenty acres,

strewn with gold.

My summers there,

apprenticeship and mastery,

in part were spent

upon my knees

with chisel, dandelion pick,

trowel and spoons,

in part calf-deep

in icy water,

waders, rubber gloves.

My eyes

turned eagle-sharp to spot

one pin-point fleck

of treasure

to increase my hoard

or, more often, to assist

slow-learner tourists

to a “real” experience...

no salted dirt,

no tall, convenient trough

to stand at comfortably;

success not guaranteed,

but always found.

My forties, fifties, sixties,

early seventies

that second life flowed on.

Three decades plus

wrought changes

in the creek,

the tourists,


All things must end,

(another saying, that),

and so -

I’m on my third life now,

excepting memories.

© Louise Gallop

Used by permission of

Louise Gallop Estate

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