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Looking Back...

When we purchased Camp Denali from its founders, we bought more than a business. We inherited a trust to live lightly with the land, so that park visitors could experience simple living without destroying the wilderness setting they had come to explore. So, when we acquired North Face Lodge, it was not because we wanted to expand.

By 1987, business opportunities within the new parkland established by the Alaska Lands Act of 1980 had caught the imaginations of a few entrepreneurs. The idea of a major resort in the Wonder Lake region in view of Denali, which had been blocked in the 1960s, reared its head once more. Trouble was that this time the most desirable plot of land didn’t belong to the National Park Service; it was for sale– a private inholding in the park’s new geographic heart. The land’s development was clearly a threat to the park’s wilderness legacy, and it lay directly below Camp Denali.

We tried to find a way to return the broken business and crumbling infrastructure to tundra. In the end, with the support of many former Camp Denali guests, North Face Lodge became ours to nurture back to health, beginning with a renovation that retained its capacity and footprint on the land. Twenty-five years later, the fellowship and values that staff and guests alike have contributed and received at this small north country inn have generated a unique following. Most significantly, the North Face Lodge story has contributed to the legacy of stewardship we inherited at Camp Denali over sixty years ago.      

-Wallace and Jerryne Cole, Fall 2012

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The Newsletter of
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December 2015

Edited by Teresa Floberg

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The collective knowledge, talent, and warm hospitality of our staff are what make our guest experience so memorable.


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In Loving Memory

Our summer season ended with deep sadness when staff member KC Boehly died in a backcountry drowning accident on August 27.  KC was a cook at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge for five summers and studied business at the University of Washington in the off-season.  A calm, confident presence in the kitchen, KC also delivered wicked wit with affection.  One friend observed, “No one’s eyes twinkled like KC’s.”  She was a ringleader in our intimate community, finding any reason to celebrate and play hostess extraordinaire.  It is hard to remember her with anything but her megawatt smile.  KC was beloved by all, welcoming everyone into her company.

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