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Local Kantishna Business Sold

The recent sale of nearby Denali Backcountry Lodge could be a significant portent for Kantishna, and Denali National Park. The new owner, VIAD, is an international corporation whose diverse operations include marketing, tourism, transportation, and related visitor services in the Canadian Rockies, and in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park where they are both an independent operator and also a park concessioner. This acquisition puts them in an obvious position to compete with Doyon/ARAMARK Joint Venture for the next Transportation Services concession for Denali. However, that contract has just been extended for three years to allow for the implementation of the Vehicle Management Plan (see P. 1). In the meantime, it will be interesting to watch what VIAD does with its new holding in Kantishna. Given the extraordinary privilege of operating inside a national park, we have always advocated for letting one’s scale of operations be governed by the carrying capacity of park resources, and not by that of the market.

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In Loving Memory

Our summer season ended with deep sadness when staff member KC Boehly died in a backcountry drowning accident on August 27.  KC was a cook at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge for five summers and studied business at the University of Washington in the off-season.  A calm, confident presence in the kitchen, KC also delivered wicked wit with affection.  One friend observed, “No one’s eyes twinkled like KC’s.”  She was a ringleader in our intimate community, finding any reason to celebrate and play hostess extraordinaire.  It is hard to remember her with anything but her megawatt smile.  KC was beloved by all, welcoming everyone into her company.

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