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2010 Season Highlights

Road Rehabilitation Project

Last year we reported on the Denali National Park road widening project between miles 73 and 86. The project began in earnest this year, widening the road in certain sections. The creation of additional intervisible passing pullouts will provide more safe places for buses to pass one another. Park visitors this summer noticed large culverts staged on the sides of the road awaiting installation, as well as heavy equipment, flagging and road cuts where expansion was taking place.

Denali’s new Vehicle Management Plan, which determines the system used to provide visitor transportation into the Park, is set be released in 2012 when the current plan expires. An Enviromental Impact Statement and the Road Capacity Study will be considered. Find out more about road issues in Denali at the Denali National Park website.

Roundup of Projects at the Lodges

The 2010 project season started early after the discovery during a winter visit that the North Face Lodge spring had frozen solid.  This caused no small alarm, as it has always flowed freely all winter long, often producing frost crystals a foot long on the inside of the springhouse. All signs pointed to deeply frozen ground as the culprit, including huge ice formations on nearby Lake Creek and Moose Creek, where our ground water appeared to be diverting to.  So in early April, amid returning sunlight and warmth, Simon and friend Peter Harrison flew in and spent the day plowing snow to help speed the thawing of the ground around the springhouse. Did it have the desired effect? Hard to tell, but with only days to go before the arrival of the full staff cohort, we were greatly relieved to see the spring once again flowing freely at full capacity, where it remained all season.

In addition, the following accomplishments marked the 2010 Operations season:

•Completion of guest room remodeling at North Face Lodge
•Remodel of the NFL staff room
•Water treatment upgrades at Camp Denali
•Installation of skirting and gutters at Potlatch
•Acquisition of a Ford F-800 truck for heavy hauling and towing
•A new satellite earth station for dramatically enhanced office communications and guest and staff phone service
•Fuel storage upgrades at Upper Camp

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The collective knowledge, talent, and warm hospitality of our staff are what make our guest experience so memorable.

General staff positions are available for the 2015 season, as well as professional-seasonal positions.

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If you know of someone who would be a good fit in our community, encourage him or her to view the employment pages of our website.

Celebrating 50 years of the Wilderness Act

In 1964, the Wilderness Act was signed into law. At the time it protected over nine million acres of federal land according to rigorous standards that represent the highest level of federal land protection in the United States. Fifty years later, 109.5 million acres have Wilderness designation, 52% of those in Alaska, including Denali's original, two million-acre core.

For five days in July 1963, the Executive Council of The Wilderness Society held their annual meeting at Camp Denali. In attendance was a truly impressive list of people well-known for their pioneering work in land and wildlife conservation: Olaus and Margaret Murie, Adolf and Louise Murie, Howard Zahniser, and Sigurd Olson, among others. In the Tundra Telegram from that year Ginny describes what a good show the park put on for the group:

The weather cooperated and so did the caribou migration. A highlight of the meeting was the Friday trip to Eielson Visitor's Center, from which point hikers scattered in all directions, following caribou bands or simply exploring the canyons, ridges, and the Thorofare River bar.

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