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2009 Camp Denali and North Face Lodge Staff

MJ AFT ’06 -’09 (Denali National Park, AK); LAURA ALEXANDER ’08, ’09 (Corvallis, OR); STACIE ANDERSON ’09 (Prescott, AZ); ANNE BEAULAURIER ’02 -’09 (Denali National Park, AK); KC BOEHLY ’09 (Salt Lake City, UT); MATT CAHILL ’09 (Amherst, NH); JILL CARTER ’09 (Gloucester, MA); LINDSEY CARTER ’09 (Panton, VT); LINDSAY CHRONISTER ’08, ’09 (Seattle, WA); WALLACE & JERRYNE COLE (Denali National Park, AK); DIANE CURRAN ’09 (Bangor, ME); FRANK DeSALVO ’09 (Conway, NH); WILL DUNCAN ’08, ’09; (Walpole, NH); FIONA GALBRAITH ’07 -’09 (Nelson, BC); SHARYN GERHARDT ’95 -’09 (Everett, WA); CHRIS GOCHENOUR ’06, ’09 (Overland Park, KS); JOSEPH GOSS ’09 (Thomson, GA); RUSSELL GRIGGS ’07 -’09 (Logan, UT); DANIEL HAGAMAN & ESTHER ALSUM ’07 -’09 (Hotchkiss, CO); SIMON, JENNA, & DANIKA HAMM (Denali National Park, AK); AUSTIN HICKS ’08, ’09 (Seattle, WA); KEN HOCKERT ’04, ’05, ’07-’09 (San Francisco, CA); ELLEN HORBETT ’04 -’09 (Denali National Park, AK); ALEX HUGHES ’09 (College Station, TX); FRANKLIN JEFFERS ’09 (Redmond, OR); JOHN KAHLE ’05 -’09 (Denali National Park, AK); TIERNAN MARTIN ’08, ’09 (Cuttingsville, VT); MATTHEW & MEGAN MARTZ ’05 -’09 (Angola, IN); AMY MATTHEWS ’09 (Indianapolis, IN); DREW McCARTHY ’07 -’09 (Anchorage, AK); BRIAN McCORMICK ’95 -’09 (Seattle, WA); IAN & TAYLER McEWEN ’07 - ’09 (Anchorage, AK); BRIAN McKINNEY ’08, ’09 (Bellingham, WA); KATHRYN McKINNEY ’05, ’07 -’09 (San Francisco, CA); MARTHA McPHEETERS ’06-’09 (Denali National Park, AK); PHYLLIS MILLER ’09 (Decatur, GA); DERIC MIZOKAMI ’09 (Fontana, CA); SCOTT PETERS ’08, ’09 (Denali National Park, AK); ANDREW RECUPERO ’07 -’09 (Ferrisburg, VT); DANIEL RODRIGUEZ ’09 (Sylmar, CA); KATHY SCHAKE ’05 -’09 (Portland, OR); JULIANN SCHAMEL ’05, ’07, ’09 (Fairbanks, AK); ANYA SCHWARTZ ’08, ’09 (Burlington, VT); LAUREN SIMAS ’08, ’09 (Berkeley, CA); JULIA SMITH ’04 -’09 (Bradenton, FL); TYLER SOFIE ’09 (Bellingham, WA); HERTHEL STEPHENS ’06, ’09 (Girdwood, AK); JAN TOMSEN ’03, ’04, ’06 -’09 (Denali National Park, AK); VIKI VANCUROVA ’07 -’09 (Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia)

Short Term
Staff & Volunteers

MARIA BERGER (Fairbanks, AK); JAKE PEDERSON (Tacoma, WA); AMANDA SOLONIKA (Portland, OR); FRITZ WITTWER (Denali National Park, AK)

Parkside Guest House Staff

CARLEY DUNN (Anchorage, AK)



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November 2014

Edited by Jan Tomsen

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The collective knowledge, talent, and warm hospitality of our staff are what make our guest experience so memorable.

General staff positions are available for the 2015 season, as well as professional-seasonal positions.

Registered Nurses and EMTs are encouraged to apply for any of our positions.

If you know of someone who would be a good fit in our community, encourage him or her to view the employment pages of our website.

Celebrating 50 years of the Wilderness Act

In 1964, the Wilderness Act was signed into law. At the time it protected over nine million acres of federal land according to rigorous standards that represent the highest level of federal land protection in the United States. Fifty years later, 109.5 million acres have Wilderness designation, 52% of those in Alaska, including Denali's original, two million-acre core.

For five days in July 1963, the Executive Council of The Wilderness Society held their annual meeting at Camp Denali. In attendance was a truly impressive list of people well-known for their pioneering work in land and wildlife conservation: Olaus and Margaret Murie, Adolf and Louise Murie, Howard Zahniser, and Sigurd Olson, among others. In the Tundra Telegram from that year Ginny describes what a good show the park put on for the group:

The weather cooperated and so did the caribou migration. A highlight of the meeting was the Friday trip to Eielson Visitor's Center, from which point hikers scattered in all directions, following caribou bands or simply exploring the canyons, ridges, and the Thorofare River bar.

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