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Current Issues Facing Denali

Mile 73-86 Road Rehabilitation Project

Those who have traveled the length of the Denali Park Road understand its telescopic nature first hand. The road is widest at its origin at the park entrance but narrows as it progresses deeper into the park. The first 15 miles of pavement give way to more than 80 miles of winding gravel road. The National Park Service is challenged with maintaining road safety while obeying the mandates of the road character definition in the Final Entrance Area and Road Corridor Plan EIS of 1997, which gives specific details of road structure and points to the role that the road plays in the visitor experience.

The section between Eielson Visitor Center (mile 66) and Kantishna is the most lightly used portion of the road. Some areas have weak shoulders or are too narrow for the largest of the concessioner’s buses to pass each other. NPS plans to improve safety on a 13-mile portion of this road section through the use of intervisible passing pullouts, which will allow vehicles ample time and space to pull over. The comment period has ended for this project.

In related road news, watch the Denali National Park website for news of the proposed alternatives in the Vehicle Management Plan, which determines the park bus system. The current concession contract for bus transport expires in 2012. Alternative systems will take into account the results of the Road Capacity Study EIS and public comments. Monitor the Park's news site to participate in the next comment opportunity. Because most visitors access the park by bus, any changes will invariably have significant impacts to the visitor experience.

Read more about these and other issues at the website of the Denali Citizen’s Council, or the Denali National Park website.

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November 2013

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If What They Say Is True...

that life

begins at forty

I was premature

My second life -

not second childhood -

no- a whole, real life

began at thirty-eight

when I came here -

here to Alaska -

alien milieu

of wilderness,

strange life-styles,

different ways.

Turned forty-five,

I formalized my adaptation

in a rite-of-passage -

acquisition of

some twenty acres,

strewn with gold.

My summers there,

apprenticeship and mastery,

in part were spent

upon my knees

with chisel, dandelion pick,

trowel and spoons,

in part calf-deep

in icy water,

waders, rubber gloves.

My eyes

turned eagle-sharp to spot

one pin-point fleck

of treasure

to increase my hoard

or, more often, to assist

slow-learner tourists

to a “real” experience...

no salted dirt,

no tall, convenient trough

to stand at comfortably;

success not guaranteed,

but always found.

My forties, fifties, sixties,

early seventies

that second life flowed on.

Three decades plus

wrought changes

in the creek,

the tourists,


All things must end,

(another saying, that),

and so -

I’m on my third life now,

excepting memories.

© Louise Gallop

Used by permission of

Louise Gallop Estate

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