The Passing of Ginny Wood

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March 09, 2013

Camp Denali founder Ginny Wood, 95, died peacefully last night (around 1:00 am) in her Fairbanks home. Friend Susan Grace sat with Ginny, whose eyes had been closed for days, and noted that in her last moments Ginny opened her eyes suddenly, smiling through them, she took a few more breaths and exited this life. What a long, full adventure for a remarkable woman!

“The wilderness that we have conquered and squandered in our conquest of new lands has produced the traditions of the pioneer that we want to think still prevail: freedom, opportunity, adventure, and resourceful, rugged individuals. These qualities can still be nurtured in generations of the future if we are farsighted and wise enough to set aside this wild country immediately, and spare it from the exploitations of a few for the lasting benefit of the many.” –Ginny Wood


Many stories and episodes from Ginny's remarkable life are recorded in Boots, Bikes and Bombers: Adventures of Alaska Conservationist Ginny Hill Wood by Karen Brewster.

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