Opening Day

Posted By: Lee Drury

June 06, 2011

It's a clear morning here at Camp Denali, sun shines brilliantly, staff members bustle about carrying baskets of last-minute cleaning supplies, cooks produce mouth-watering aromas that waft on the crisp air, flowers bloom cheerfully from hanging baskets...and, out grazing in Nugget Pond--rippling the reflection of Mt. McKinley--are the first moose cow and calf of the season.  And on Opening Day!


Simon sent out a CB message calling attention to the presence of our feeding fauna, and those bustling staff members, the busy cooks, even our four staff children all gathered on the lawn, stopping, quieting, to observe.  

Everyone here agrees that we live in an extraordinary place, but on mornings like this with such surprising and pleasing moments just happening, suddenly there...well, the extraordinary becomes exhilarating.  

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