North Face Lodge in Denali National Park

North Face Lodge is a traditional north-country inn in view of eight major peaks of the Alaska Range, and located amid a sweeping expanse of native tundra vegetation.  Modern guest rooms are joined by a common veranda, leading to the lodge's sitting room, fireplace, dining area, and library.  North Face Lodge is 1.5 miles from Wonder Lake via foot path or bicycle, making it the nearest accommodation to this park attraction.  Nearby the lodge, a rustic log cabin tells of the land's history; park superintendent Grant Pearson chose this site for his homestead in 1957. Thirty years later, the Cole family recognized the land's coveted status and acquired the property to protect it from unchecked development.

Today, the renovated north-country inn maintains a purposefully intimate size.  Fifteen small, well-appointed rooms each have en suite bathroom and electricity. Most rooms have two twin beds, and a few have one queen bed that we reserve in the order they are requested.  On cool, crisp mornings, enjoy a game of chess by a crackling fire in the lodge's living room, or choose a book from our library of natural history and Alaskan literature. A spacious outdoor patio, with spectacular views of the Alaska Range, beckons one outdoors.


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