Camp Denali in Denali National Park, Alaska

Camp Denali is situated on 67 acres of rising terrain, centered on a pond that reflects up to eleven major peaks of the Alaska Range.  A hand-hewn log lodge, built by the founders in 1954, still offers up hospitality at the heart of Camp Denali, while guest cabins are set along an ascending ridgeline to take best advantage of the surrounding views.  A new dining hall, a natural history resource collection, a modern shower and bathroom facility, and other public spaces radiate out from the lodge.  The newer buildings and facilities complement Camp Denali’s rich history and reputation as one of the first wilderness lodges in Alaska.
At Camp Denali, lodge accommodations are in well-spaced cabins, appointed with traditional cabin amenities including hand-sewn quilts made by our staff, wood stoves and propane lights.  Drinking water comes from a spigot by your door, and may be heated in your cabin for a quiet cup of coffee, tea or for washing up. Camp Denali's meticulously maintained outhouses offer private, convenient facilities, and each guest cabin enjoys clear views of Denali when it's out.  The dining hall, lodge, natural history resource collection and a modern bath and shower facility are a three to seven-minute walk from your cabin.  Camp Denali sits right at the 2,400 foot tree line, providing access to native tundra and taiga habitats right from your door. 


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